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Six Tips for Optimizing License Spend and Avoiding Audit Risk


Discover how Livingstone offers effective strategies for managing software assets and navigating the complexities of today’s digital environment.

In an era where technology permeates all aspects of business operations, organizations increasingly find themselves in a tricky dance with tech vendors. The escalating complexities and risks associated with growing software and cloud expenditure have highlighted the urgent need for adept navigation of this intricate domain. The shifts in vendor pricing models emphasise the importance of optimising license spend and avoiding audit risks to ensure sustainable software asset management.

At Livingstone, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, including software license management, vendor negotiation, contract optimisation, and cloud cost optimisation. Our holistic approach positions us as a trusted partner in the journey towards efficient software asset management and digital evolution.

We at Livingstone distinguish ourselves in the marketplace through our dedicated commitment to optimizing IT costs and propelling digital transformation. By harnessing our comprehensive industry knowledge and utilizing advanced technology, we enable organizations to fully capitalize on their IT investments, as Livingstone Founder, and Chief Innovation Officer, Simon Leuty and others explain:


How to optimize your licensing spend

Created in partnership with, we’re thrilled to unveil the Market View Report Battling the Tech Vendors: Optimizing License Spend and Avoiding Audit Risk.

This report details:

  • The many increasing challenges in software asset management
  • How you can optimize license spend and avoid audit risk
  • Tactics to help you negotiate software licenses and management effectively

Following on from the insights in the report, we have shared our six tips for optimizing license spend and avoiding audit risk:

  1. Invest in robust SAM practices
  2. Foster cross-departmental collaboration and continual optimization
  3. Understand the cloud landscape and control costs
  4. Prepare for vendor audits and maintain compliance
  5. Negotiate favourable licencing agreements and managed contracts effectively
  6. Invest in education and vendor relationship building


Download the full report to explore valuable insights on optimizing software license expenditure and reducing audit risks in this in-depth report. It offers effective strategies for managing software assets and navigating the complexities of today’s digital environment.



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