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IBM Price Changes are happening - are you ready?

Yes you heard that right - IBM prices are going up, and the short answer is - for how long? In software, you're looking at a 6% increase; in appliances, it's set to rise by 12% on January 1st, 2024. 

If IBM features anywhere within your software estate, we've got the lowdown on what you need to know now and how to prepare. 

What the IBM Price Changes will look like in 2024

Navigating the complexities of IBM's pricing changes is complex enough - so with the help of our IBM Practice Lead and Senior Audit Specialist Niall Eddery, we've taken the key highlights from IBM's recent announcement to give you the facts on what these price changes will look like going into 2024 and beyond.

Cloud costs are set to rise by 3% globally, additional increases of 5.6% in the UK, 5.5% in Europe, and a staggering 25-26% on certain Object Storage prices loom ahead.

It's an overwhelming thought but with any luck, IBM won't surprise us with further increases in November like they did in 2022. 

Top 10 Takeaways on the price increases

  1. October 2023 Price increase
    1.3% to 5.4% for some APAC, Sweden and Czechia.
    Currencies affected: JPY, NZD, SEK, IDR, CNY, TWD, AUD, LKR, MYR, BND, SGD, THB, CZK

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  2. January 2024 Price Increases:
    Passport Advantage:
    6% increase globally

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  3. MLC Price increase:
    6% Increase globally
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  4. Selected (meaning most)
    Appliance Prices: 12% increase.

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  5. Z OTC in Some APAC countries: 6%
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  6. IBM Cloud service will increase by 3% globally.

    With further increases – UK 5.6%, Europe 5.5% IaaS and PaaS increases, Brazil 7.5%. These locations all have a “Price uplift” from US which is being used to implement the supplemental increases above 3%. No US Price increase above the 3%.

  7. In a heftier hit, Object Storage will increase prices globally by 25% for Accelerated Archive storage and 26% for Deep Archive storage.
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  8. Hardware Maintenance services: 4-6% increase globally depending on model.
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  9. Power Storage Hardware: 6%-10%
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  10. July 2023 Increase in Argentina: for Storage and Power Systems: 17.5% to 58.7%
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Still a bit confused by it all? Check out our newly revamped IBM Renewal Guide, which details all the key tips and advice to help you navigate the complex process that is the IBM estate.

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