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Unveiling ServiceNow Impact: A Game-Changer for Your Enterprise Journey

Author: Adan Urdaneta
Managing Consultant at Livingstone Group


As you gear up for your ServiceNow renewal or contemplate an Enterprise License Agreement, understanding the significance of ServiceNow Impact is paramount. Positioned as a cornerstone in enhancing the post-sale customer experience, ServiceNow Impact stands out as a value acceleration solution tailored for the NOW platform.

It's imperative to note that Impact will be seamlessly integrated as an add-on to all future ServiceNow contracts, with its inclusion being non-negotiable, much akin to Microsoft Premier Support. For enterprise customers, this presents an invaluable opportunity worth considering.

ServiceNow Impact empowers organizations to tailor their value experience, effectively bridging the gap between strategy and execution. By leveraging this solution, enterprises can expect to accelerate their results and potentially achieve up to a remarkable 20% increase in the value of their ServiceNow estate.

Moreover, Impact equips organizations with the tools to amplify their ServiceNow expertise, enabling savings on both personnel and efficiency through on-demand training and adoption toolkits that harness the full potential of out-of-the-box functionality.


What sets ServiceNow Impact apart are its distinct benefits and capabilities

ServiceNow Impact Benefits:

• Personalizes value experience.

• Accelerates results.

• Amplifies ServiceNow expertise.


ServiceNow Impact Capabilities:

• Digital experience with AI-driven value acceleration.

• Premium technical support and tools.

• Impact Squad and experts on-demand.

• Personalized learning and coaching.


Understanding the nuances of ServiceNow Impact involves delving into its tiered structure:


1. ServiceNow Impact Base:

Available as an add-on to existing ServiceNow instances, this tier encompasses fundamental web-based technical support, implementation playbooks, and access to on-demand training, albeit with certain limitations.


2. ServiceNow Impact Guided Tier:

This tier offers personalized support and strategic guidance, fostering collaborative engagement between organizations and ServiceNow experts to address specific needs and challenges. It provides tailored recommendations, best practices, and assistance in optimizing workflows and configurations.


3. ServiceNow Impact Advanced Tier:

Going beyond basic support, this tier provides access to enhanced capabilities and resources, including expanded customization options, deeper integration capabilities, and sophisticated analytics tools, enabling organizations to drive innovation and streamline processes effectively.


4. ServiceNow Impact Total Tier:

Representing the pinnacle of service and support, the Total Tier offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet the most demanding requirements of enterprise organizations. It includes dedicated account management, priority support, and exclusive access to premium services, facilitating unparalleled levels of assistance and value.



Pricing for ServiceNow's Advanced and Total Tiers typically represents around 20% and 30% of the total ServiceNow instance expenditure, respectively. These figures, although soft estimations, underscore ServiceNow's commitment to positioning these tiers as indispensable additions to existing service agreements, potentially limiting room for negotiation.


In conclusion, embracing ServiceNow Impact opens the door to a world of possibilities, empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of the ServiceNow platform and achieve their strategic objectives with unparalleled support and expertise. 


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